DaeJune Min Trainer

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Trainer Name DaeJune Min
Course Acting
Subject Acting Lv1 and 2
Education CUNY
Major Theater
Experience THEATER
*WEST SIDE STORY: A-RAP, Harlem Repertory Theatre –Dir. Keith Grant
*AS YOU LIKE IT/MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT: Ensemble/Indian boy, Arron Davis
Hall–Dir. Keith Grant
*EURYDICE: Ensemble, Arron Davis Hall–Dir. Rachel Foote
*FOUNTAIN HEAD: Playwright, CG Studio-Dir. Maggie Lalley
*GOOD MORNING, VODKA: Playwright, CG Studio -Dir. Bilal Walker

*ADAPTATION OF MCBETH: Supporting, Student Film–City College of New York
*COMPATRIOTS: Story Creator/Director–Short Film
*ARIA: Story Creator/Director–Zeno Wedding Cinema

City College of New York, New York, New York, Theater
Voice: Ira Spaulding (Basic classical vocal)
Dance: Maija Garcia (Modern dance)
Theater workshop: Rob Barron (Playwright)
Awards and Activities
" The Sandham Award for Playwriting
Teaching Experience 9 years
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