Alexander Long Trainer

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Trainer Name Alexander Long
Course Vocal
Subject Vocal Technique, Pop, Jazz & RnB Style.
Education Berklee College of Music
Major Vocal Performance
Experience Peter’s Episcopal Church in Westfield, NY as well as a Soloist for Harvard-Epworth Church, in Cambridge, MA. In addition to being an avid performer, he has been teaching voice for 6 years and is considered a Mix-Voice Specialist. Alexander is currently teaching at Born Star Academy and Harlem School of the Arts.

Artist Statement: I’m a vocalist/instrumentalist that is inspired by the great ballad singers and crooners from the past as well as the Pop/R&B and Neo-soul of today. My goal is for my words to make an impact, for my music to evoke emotion and add to the never-ending conversation that is the music industry.
Teaching Experience 6 years
Alexander Long is a Pop/Jazz musician from New Rochelle, NY and graduate of Berklee College of Music. Alexander is currently performing in an Electronic-Jazz/Pop Band, Syntext; a collaboration between the former and Musician/Producer Charlie MacCall. Alexander is a known Saxophonist/vocalist in the Westchester, NY area performing with artists such as Kay Boyd & Acts Of Faith based in Mt. Vernon, NY and organizations such as Sing for Hope based in Bronxville, NY. Alexander has performed in numerous churches and is currently a soloist at New Rochelle United Methodist Church. He has served as the Pianist/Organist for St.
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