What is Born Star Training Center?

Born Star Training Center offers training courses in Acting, Vocal, Dance and Korean to help you prepare for auditions in getting into an agency as well as gain experience in Korean broadcasting fields. You will go through a rigorous training process with an evalution process. After beginners training program, you will have access to monthly agency auditions here at Born Star Training Center.

How do I get into Born Star Training Center?

To get into Born Star, you must first sign up through our website: ny.bornstar.co.kr , call for an appointment or walk-in. After application process, there will be an audition. If you pass, you can register and training begins.


Vocal: Favorite Song & Interview

Acting: Script Monologue & Interview (Must be in Korean)


What are the pros for being a trainee at Born Star Training Center?

Born Star Training Center is ranked #1 by ranking.com in fields of training centers in South Korea. The dean of Born Star whom many will know is the band BooHwal leader, Kim Tae Won. Born Star not only helps train our trainees but will also have access to monthly agency auditions.

How long is the program?

Our program is based on a 6 months course. After 6 months, you have the option to be in our special class program to help you further improve and be prepared for agency auditions.

What are the schedules?

Classes are offered three times a week Mon,Wed,Fri or Tue,Thur,Sat for two hours. For trainees that have difficulty coming during weekdays, we offer training courses on Sunday.

Do you have to be a great singer or actor to be in Born Star Training Center?
No. Born Star is a training center for trainees. We help you train and prepare for auditions. Our ultimate goal is to produce future stars. With our program you will get hands on experience in learning how to become a star in Korea.
How do you become a star in Korea?

To become a K-Pop star or actor/actress in Korea, getting into an agency is essential. Born Star Training Center has a vast network with large agencies in Korea. With our resources, we hold monthly auditions for our trainees.

Which stars have come from Born Star Training Center?

Born Star Training Center has produced many future alumnis.  Infinite Nam Woo Hyun, Kara Young Ji, Actress Jin Se Hyun, Sunny Days Jung Yoon, Very Good Tae Ha, SmileG Ji Eun Bad Kiz Bom Bom, Actor Jo Seung Hyun, Mr.Mr. Oh Ki Taek, K-Pop Star Kim Na Yoon, Hello Venus Lime, A-Jax Yoon Young, Ullala Session Park Kwang Sun, Miss Korea(Jin) Kim Yoo Mi, Girls Day So Jin, Cross Gene JG, and much more.

Does Born Star Training Center have tuition?

 Yes, to become a registered student at Born Star Training Center there is tuition.

Where is Born Star Training Center NYC?
Our office and training center is located on 213 East 117th Street New York, NY 10035
Do you offer any other classes other than acting and singing?

Yes, we also offer musical, dance, rap, private lesson and Korean language classes to help train and improve your overall skills to have a better chance of competing during auditions.

My Korean, acting, or singing is not good, can I still become a trainee at Born Star?

Yes. If everyone was good then they do not need to attend a training center. We look for people who have potential and desire to become a star. With strong effort and perseverance anyone can do it. No one is born perfect and to become an entertainer in Korea, you must be trained.